Thursday, October 16, 2008

Homebrew Russian Imperial Stout - Part 1

Homebrew Russian Imperial Stout

The Goal.  I used Old Rasputin as my model for this brew,  a russian imperial stout with strong dark chocolate and dark roasted coffee flavors, a hoppy bite and a formidable ABV.  If your into chocolate covered espresso beans, your going to love the finish on this beer.

Armed with the valuable advice of the beer geeks at Stomp Them Grapes, I put together a recipe that included 9 lbs of liquid malt extract, 2 full steeping bags of grain and 4.5oz of cluster and challenger hops.

Things are looking and smelling pretty damn good.  Its closer to something I'd put in a coffee mug rather than a beer mug. 

Aerated, pitched and bubbling away in the fermentor.  I'm expecting this beer to finish in about a month and continue to improve through the winter.

Stay tuned for Homebrew Russian Imperial Stout - Part 2

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