Sunday, March 8, 2009

Asian Beef Short Ribs

Asian Beef Short Ribs, Julienne Leek, Garlic & Ginger Mash

These Short Ribs were seared in peanut oil until golden brown and set aside on a plate. After the fat was removed, garlic, ginger & scallions were added to saute for 2 minutes. The ribs were added back to the pan to cook some of those flavors into the skin. Soy Sauce & Sherry Wine was added to Deglaze the pan followed by Chopped Peeled Plum Tomatoes, and Star Anise. Covered and let to simmer for about 2 hours while turning every 30 minutes, added nice flavor to the meat just barely still hanging on to the bone. The left over braising juices were strained and reduced down by half. White Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Worcestershire Sauce, and Chili Powder was added to make a BBQ Sauce which was reduced down until thick, then spooned over the meat. The ribs were placed on a mound of Potato Mash made with a Garlic & Ginger Butter Sauce, Milk and Sour Cream. The plate was finished with simply sauteed Julienne Leeks for color and flavor. Success!

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